IT Back-end Developer 

IT Back-end Developer 

The course is for those who have basic knowledge of Front-end programming. Focus is on relevant back-end programming language with a focus on object-oriented programming as well as working with databases. We work partially in teams of 2-5 participants in each team and partially individually. The course will often be project based where most of the teaching is online. 

This is a new course starting in the fall of 2024 and is a continuation course for those who already possess basic knowledge of front-end programming. Sundsgården’s Front- End Developer course has been very successful, and it is therefore exciting to be able to offer the long-awaited Back-end course. Having both a Front-end and a Back-end programming education makes you attractive on the job market, since the demand for skilled programmers is high. 

During the course, online teaching sometimes alternates with online guest lectures and two physical meetings at Sundsgårdens Folkhögskola. Together we will learn about different back-end programming languages, and the participants will then be able to deepen their understanding and sharpen their skills within the areas of web development. By the end of the course the participants will have expanded their own portfolios and be ready to enter the job market, apply for internships, or continue to further education. 

Course content

• Node.js 

• SQL and NoSQL 

• REST API: modeling, process, and production 

• Http protocol 

• Validation and security 

By the end of the course the participant will be able to 

• Develop back-end for web services via JavaScript (Node.js) 

• Work with data storage and databases in a secure way (SQL and NoSQL) 

• Work with API to retrieve and store internal information (REST API)

Prior Knowledge and Assessment

Knowledge in Front-end programming is required, including basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

After finishing the course, the participants will get a certificate of completion as well as a diploma stating they have the skills equivalent to a back-end developer. 

Admission Conditions and Requirements 

This is a post High School course. Having graduated from High School or equivalent is a requirement. Good understanding of English is required since the course will be taught in English. Knowledge in Front-end programming, according to above, is required. All applicants must complete an admission assignment. Applicants who meet these requirements will be called to an admissions interview. 


Course cost per semester is 1730 SEK for participants to help cover expenses for course materials and insurances. The cost for personal travel and accommodation to and from the school during the two physical meetings will be an additional cost to each participant that is not covered by the course fee. 

Course Duration and Application

Course duration: 5 months full time 

Autumn 2024: 19 august 2024 – 10 Januari 2025 

Spring 2025: 13 January 2025 – 5 June 2025 

Mandatory physical meeting at Sundsgårdens Folkhögskola on the first and last day of the course. 

Applications open in April, keep an eye on the website 


Contact: Anneli Appelskog, project leader, 042-19 38 05, 

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