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Studying at Sundsgården

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Studying at Sundsgården is different from studying in the conventional school. Folk High School is a school form of its own where you are be treated as an adult and where you are expected to take responsibility for your studies. You meet teachers who care about more than your academic results. Here, you also have the liberty and possibility to grow as a person. You are accepted as the person you really are.


About Sundsgården

Sundsgården is a movement-based Folk High School, where the highest executive level is the organization Sundsgården Folk High School, which in turn appoints the school board. Sundsgården has Christian social values and we work actively with our responsibility for a socially and ecologically sustainable future.


Social values, identity and vision

Sundsgården rests on a foundation of Christian and democratic social values. To us, this idea means:

  • That each person is unique, important and valuable no matter where they stand as to social and ethnic background, sex, sexual identity or expression, capacity, sexual preference, age or religious belief/ life philosophy.
  • That every human being is inviolable and worthy of respect.
  • That all human beings are equal.
  • That every human being has an opportunity to develop further.
  • That every human being has a responsibility to influence their own life situation.
  • That every human being has a responsibility towards durable development.
  • That our relation and solidarity towards each other and the world around us are sustainable.
  • That the human being has both physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual needs.

To us, that means the following through acts:

  • That we offer, but never enforce.
  • That we respect and encourage different opinions.
  • That we encourage conversations about life.
  • That we offer time for reflection and creativity.

Our long courses

The general course (Allmän linje) contains the common comprehensive upper secondary school subjects (core subjects) and sometimes you have a chance to choose specific directions that you need or are interested in. Sundsgården offer the following profiles:

Educational profile

In an educational profile at a folk high school a large amount of the time spent is adjusted for your profile. When in an educational profile you do not study the regular subjects that qualify you for further studies at universities and colleges. The purpose with the educational profile is to find a new dimension of personal development in collaboration with others.

Sundsgården is welcoming you who suffer from Aphasia to participate in an education of 24 weeks. To you who are retired or have stopped working of other reasons it is also possible to attend a course two days a week in the class 55 plus. If you would like to work with music it is possible to apply for the Music profile and if you are interested in drama you can apply for the Theatre profiles: Teater på turné, Teater på plats and Teaterpedagog We also give one class Assistent which profiles in the profession of being a personal assistant.

You can find more information about the association of adult education called Folkbildningsrådet in English and other languages on the webpage: www.folkbildning.se